Citadel Project Box


Earlier this week I started to work on my Dark Vengeance kit which I streamed on my Twitch. I finished sanding a couple of Space Marines and gave them a basecoat of black paint. Now I need to paint them with colors, and next to the paint that came with the Space marines starter kit I don’t have any for Warhammer. I went to the Game Shop where they sell all kinds of Citadel stuff. Paint wasn’t the only thing I bought, but I also brought a Citadel Project Box home with me. I don’t have much storage space around my desks so I used to stuff all my miniature tools and paint in my tiny desk drawer. This fancy box might be the solution to give my tools a better storage place.

Back home I unpacked the box and opened my drawer to take all the stuff I have to give it a place in the box, with that I mean ALL my miniature tools, not only the one I use for Warhammer. And here it is! Everything fits perfect in the box, except the water cup, cutting mat and Chaos Black spray can. When my miniature collection will expand, I will use this box as a REAL project box and only fill it with the tools I need for my current project.

Is the box worth a €52? No. Unless you want to pleasure your eyes with the fancy drawings on the box and if you like official brand items like I do. The box can also be very handy to move your project to different locations which is also the case for me. But you can easily go to your local dollar store or Ikea to buy trays and dividers which are muuuuch cheaper, and you can custom and make it look nice the way you want. Also, this box isn’t made from the best quality plastic either. It bends easily and it looks cheap on the inside, some dividers are bended which isn’t supposed to happen. And on top of all that, the lid doesn’t close 100%. Overal I am happy with it. All my miniature tools have a good place to chill now and  the lid is decorated with nice 3D drawings, which is nice for my eyes.


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