Gunpla shopping in Japan

We are back from 4 weeks Japan. Damn this place is heaven for all hobbyists! Cosplay, Gunpla, craft materials, EVERYTHING you can find in Japan. I decided to spend most of my money on Gunpla instead of other craft materials because it’s 2-3, heck even 4 times cheaper than in my country and tax free if you buy over ¥5000 (Around $50)! My favorite Gunpla store must be the one in Super Kids Land, Osaka. I found a blog which has lots of pictures from the inside of the shop so you can get an idea how big it is. I made good profit of it and went hauling. This is only a piece of the party that we were able to carry to the hotel, the 2nd round had yet to come. I shipped everything to my home (No plan to buy 6 new suitcases) and expect the shipping to arrive any day.


Other regular places to buy Gunpla are just… everywhere in Akihabara, Tokyo and Nipponbashi, Osaka… You can also find a great amount of Gunpla in Big Camera and Yodobashi Camera stores. These stores are in any big city. Hell I can’t wait untill my package finally arrive!!



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