Packages from Japan arrived!

In my previous blogpost I told we bought a whole bunch of Gunpla in Japan and that we shipped everything home because it was just too much to take with us in our suitcase. Last weekend all 3 boxes arrived! After buying all the Gunpla we got 3 of the biggest cardboard boxes available at our hotel. We’ve put all our Gunpla in it together with some candy and plushies to fill some empty spaces. We brought everything to the Japan Post office across the hotel where we had to fill in 3 parcel labels and put 1 on each box. That’s pretty much it! We shipped everything with surface mail. It will take up to 1-3 months to arrive, but it’s the cheapest way. And because we were still traveling around Japan we didn’t want the packages to arrive the first week anyway.


If you go to Japan and are planning to buy A LOT of stuff, I can recommend shipping your stuff home instead of buying extra suitcases, pay baggage fees at the airport,….. Keep the weight of your packages low (That’s why I used plushies and candy to ship with the Gunpla. Gunpla isn’t heavy either), fill out your parcel label as Gift and Surface Mail and you’ll do fine. That’s it! Waiting for your package to arrive is the hardest part! 🙂


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