Eve Fanfest 2017 Pub Crawl cosplay!

Only a few weeks left and my favorite time of the year is there again, Eve Fanfest 2017!!! I am busy with a new cosplay that I will wear at Fanfest’s Pub Crawl. I am not sure though if I will wear it at the event itself, we will see 🙂 If it turns out more than what it is already is I certainly will. The cosplay I am making is a nun. Yes a nun. Not those you see in a convent, but one eh,… with a bit les fabrics. Here’s how I came up with the idea to cosplay a nun:

laser pope.png

I got inspired by the movie ,,Laserpope”. In the movie (Though I haven’t seen it yet… is it out already???) there is a scene where some holy people are throwing a party with a nun. And since we also have a pope in Eve Online, our holiness Max Singularity (Played by Charles White), I thought it would be a hilarious idea to suround him with other people, including myself, in nun costumes at Eve Fanfest’s Pub Crawl. But instead of wearing regular nuns we will edit the costumes to (how else can it be) Amarr themed costumes!


(cosplay will be a bit less scarce, promise)

I asked him if he would like the idea and he’s totally up for it! I love this guy!! He asked his friends if they would like to join the group as a sexy nun and yes, we found more of them! I’ve bought a regular sexy nun costume at the local party shop. Right now I am editing the costume with golden trims and decorations to make it more Amarr style. I propably make some props with it that fits the Amarr looks, but I’ll talk about that in a later blog. I already tested some make up looks and I think I stick with this one:


(No, this make up is not good enough. Needs more gold!)

Stay tuned for more!! I’ll post Work in Progress pictures on my Facebook page Sancta’s Armoury!




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