About me

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Hello o/

I am Sancta. I am 27 years old and I live in The Netherlands. As a kid I received my first Playstation from my dad with a bunch if demo discs and other games. My favorite game was Crash Bandicoot. I loved playing games so much at that age that I received my Playstation 2 a couple years later, together with another Naughty Dog game called Jak and Daxter. My love for games kept expending since then, and today it still does. I started making costumes from my favorite videogame characters (And sometimes anime) and found out this is an actual hobby called cosplay. I started to go to local conventions with my new cosplay friends I’ve met on the internet and sometimes we even went to conventions abroad! With videogames and cosplay on my side I found even more hobbies that I love to practise, Gunpla and Warhammer.  On those conventions I often saw dealers selling Gundams which you had to assemble by yourself. I bought myself a Geara Zulu to try if I do like this hobby, and hell yes I do. Later on I added Warhammer to the list as well. Today I have a full-time job in the aircraft industry. A full time job and a household to run never stopped me from any of my hobbies. Instead I made an entire WordPress page where I want to share with you all my hobbies. I also stream on my Twitch when I have the chance, you can find me there building Gunpla, painting Warhammer and sometimes I play games as well in front of the camera. That’s it for now, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for modelkit works and Facebook for cosplay updates!

Thank you, and see you later at an event o/


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