Dark Vengeance


*Project in progress*

What do you get when you give your little Booboo a box full of Warhammer miniatures? Yes, a big mess. That’s what mommy, daddy and little Boo himself figured out as well, so they sold this entire package, complete, on a 2nd hand website for €50.

_DSC2122 copy

Because I’m still new in Warhammer it wasn’t a wrong decission to find myself another cheap box to try painting and assemble figures together. Even the messy figurine Boo tried to paint was included.


Thank God I have paint remover from the brand Revell in my closet. I took cotton buds, dipped it in the paint remover and removed the biggest parts from my figurine. Don’t worry little guy, I save you!! After I have removed the thick layers of paint I’m gonna put him in a glass of paint remover so that the paint can solve in those difficult to reach spaces.


Stay tuned for more Dark Vengeance updates!



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