Amarr Medium Dropsuit


*Project in progress*

This is going to be the biggest project I ever had… Making a cosplay completely out of foam and worbla. I don’t know how to even sew 2 pieces of fabric together. So there is nothing else but learn how to sew or make myself an armor cosplay. In my case, I chose the most difficult way and that is making an armor cosplay, I chose to make an Amarr Medium Dropsuit, from the videogame Dust 514 (R.I.P Dust…)


Before I started to craft the entire suit I wanted to make the weapons that belong to this character first. Most of them are ranged weapons, but I chose to make this melee weapon which is called the Nova Knife. I thought it would be easy to make because it’s small and doesn’t have THAT much details, but lol I was wrong.


I wanted to give it light just like in the game so it took me a while to construct the entire model out of foam, worbla and LED lights. After lots of planning it turned out pretty well without a lot of problems, and here is the result!!

_DSC1627 copy

Right now I am busy with crafting the pieces from my armor suit. More updates soon!





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