I started to paint Warhammer40K figurines in early 2016. Some of my friends paint these little figurines and introduced me to it. It seemed like an expensive hobby which takes a lot of time as well, but yolo, right? So I bought a starter kit while I was on holiday in Iceland. It had all the necessary stuff in it to get started like paint, a brush, decals and ofcourse 3 figurines. Back at our place I assembled the Space Marines and start painting them. After my holiday when I came home I finished the last bits of the mini and now my first kit is done. I think they look pretty good for my first time painting Warhammer. I am looking forward to paint my next set!
PS: Dear friends. Thanks you for giving me another hobby. It is realy nice of you that you all noticed that I have enough spare time on my hands for something new. This was sarcasm. Thank you 😉
(No worries, I still love you all ❤ )

In the drop down menu on top of this page you can select and see my projects where I’m working on at the moment. The starter kit is my first finished Warhammer project!!

Blog posts:

– Citadel Project Box



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